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At Blade, our goal is to expand access to decentralized finance by providing on-chain and off-chain solutions to our clients and partners.

Professional Solutions for Protocols and Institutions

Vaults as a Service

Customizable Solana-based investment vaults tailored to your needs.

Advisory Services

White glove DeFi advisory services tailored to your business needs.


Bespoke research that analyzes the DeFi industry and Blade vaults.

Vaults as a Service (VaaS)

Vaults as a Service (VaaS)

What are Vaults as a Service?

Tailor-Made Vaults for DeFi Protocols and Asset Managers

On-chain investment vaults that are built using Blade’s battle tested asset management infrastructure. These vaults employ an investment strategy that deploys funds across various protocols to achieve a given investment goal.

Integratable by DeFi protocols and institutions.

Professional Vault Strategies


Boosted-mSOL Vault

Boost up to 3x in a risk-managed vault.


Interest-bearing USD Vault

Stable yields on USD stablecoins.


Interest-bearing BTC Vault

BTC and more Coming soon!

What are Vaults as a Service?

Blade Vaults


On-chain vault strategies tailored to your needs that can be integrated into your protocol.


As a licensed user you have full control over access, fees, permissions and configurations.


Vaults run autonomously. Once deployed, you are in control of distribution.

Institutional Connectivity

Need institutional custody? Custody solutions readily available for your off-chain product.

Private Interface

All vault data provided to you through a private interface to monitor and distribute accordingly.

Backed up by Research

All product strategies are based on leading research by our Blade strategists and can be used by users.

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Our Team

We're a team of business leaders, engineers and analysts

Our team is composed of expereinced DeFi leaders that hail from leading crypto asset management firms and top DeFi DAO’s.



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